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April 23 – Geri’s email

April 23, 2013


There’s so much good information in Geri’s email, I wanted to include it in our blog.


Hi open hearted teachers!

I hope the adjustment clinic was helpful and that you have been able to practice the hands on adjustments this week.

I have included a several links to articles i thought you might enjoy and below is information about marketing classes and i cut part of an article – the 3 lessons.

Tomorrow, Jill’s mom is coming for a mini therapy session and then some questions/sharing and a little hands on therapy that we can work on one another.

If you have not seen ‘the fuzz speech’ on you tube- check it out before tomorrow if you can

I have scheduled next Monday april 29th at 2p for a practice session at YV.  And i will book out a more dates in May- will announce tomorrow.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


from Allie LeFevere

I’m teaching another Dabble class on April 24th — this time Advanced Facebook Marketing for Business.  Join me or pass along to any biz owners who want to walk away a FB guru 🙂

You’ll learn:  How to manage your page, advanced page features and marketing strategies, which will successfully drive more customers to your website, FB page and enhance customer engagement. And you’ll spend less than 15 minutes a day making it happen.  Win win.

Also coming up: 

Advanced Twitter for Business, 5/2:

Resume Writing, 5/21:

Intro to Social Media, 5/23:


If health insurance companies really begin to pay for yoga – that is great for humanity and for us yoga teachers!

Sanskrit course here in chicago-

thought this was interesting-

someone just sent me this yesterday and i am so moved- it’s my class she is talking about-

i do have a secret crush on tara stiles (even though i think she’s too skinny !)


: There’s no substitute for showing up.

It doesn’t matter what you’re creating — a book, a business, a yoga practice, an entirely new way of being in your body …

You can read every guide, take every course, watch every tutorial, hire every expert, research & vision-board & dream & scheme. But there’s no replacement for showing up & doing the work. Thereal work, not the pre-work. (You know the difference.)

: DEVOTION is an action, not an emotion.

Want to know what you’re devoted to? Look at your calendar. Examine how you actually spend your time, on the planet.

If you ‘can’t find the time’ for an hour of yoga, three times a week — or whatever else you say you want to do — that’s fine. Do something else. Check your email. Fly a kite. Learn to crochet. Host a tea party. But don’t kid yourself — it’s tiresome. Be honest about what you’re devoted to.

: You are stardust.

Joni Mitchell wasn’t kidding. The foundational elements of your body — carbon, nitrogen & oxygen — were literally synthesized in the deep interior of ancient stars, billions of years ago. Stars that shattered, and gave birth to planet earth — to paraphrase NASA astrophysicist Michael Loewenstein.

Think about that, whenever you question whether you’re good enough, beautiful enough, talented enough. Worthy of what you want.

You are extraterrestrial, super-celestial, the walking descendent & living heir of a luminous sphere.

You are light, time, the cosmos itself.You hold Uni-versal Power. The power of absolute creation.

BIG LOVE to you all

xo geri


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  1. Hi Geri! I wrote the article about your beautiful messages on that Easter morning class and I am just so overjoyed that you saw the article and felt touched by it. You are such an inspirational teacher and i always look forward to your classes. Last week was a tough week and it means so much to be a part of this community of positive and loving people. All the best! -Gail

  2. Excellent post. I want to thank you for this informative read, I really appreciate sharing this great post. Keep up your work

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