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Week 2, March 6, 2013 – What did you learn?

March 7, 2013

171This week we spent the first 10 minutes or so socializing, getting to know each other – the building blocks of becoming part of a community.  We started class with a short, peaceful meditation that was comically ended by Geri’s iPhone sound of wound up spring releasing “boing  boing.”  More wonderful folks this week and more introductions.  After introductions, Geri suggested we play the name game which was greeted with some protesting – but Geri stayed the course and we played the game.  She was right – it was a good exercise.  I think we all came away with a few more names committed to memory – the building blocks of becoming part of a community.

Our theme this week was how to strike a balance between our yoga teaching, our yoga practice and how both fit into our busy schedules.  Geri circulated a paper with a blank weekly calendar on each side.  She asked us to fill in one side with our yoga teaching and yoga practice schedule.  We had a brief discussion about the challenge of fitting in our own yoga practice, particularly our home or personal practice.   Some purists (not in the class) maintain that in order to be a true yoga teacher, you must commit to a steady personal practice.  We discussed how hard it is to carve out a space and time, especially for those with children at home.  For those in smaller living quarters, space is an issue.  My own home practice is done in a space in my bedroom just a little wider than my yoga mat – but I make it work.  Some shared that the concept of their home practice is shifting away from asana to pranayama and meditation.  Some found that they could do their personal practice by going to class early and doing it at the studio or staying after class.  I think that’s a great idea and will try it thanks.  One person talked about how her personal yoga practice turns into lesson planning.  I could identify with that –  I’ve started keeping a pad of paper and pen next to my mat when I do mine because I inevitably do my lesson planning.  It’s hard to turn off the voice of the teacher.

Next, Geri asked us to fill in the flip side of the calendar with our dream schedule.  We broke into small groups and discussed it within our group.  My group had a great discussion.  Laura talked about wanting to weed out her fitness classes and do more yoga classes.  Cindy said she had her dream schedule with the volunteer work she does through her church.  Dorie gave us some great advice, she felt it was critical to diversify – in other words, keep a health mix of some privates, studio classes, corporates, etc.  Dorie also talked about the challenge of ending arrangements with private students when the effort overrides the  benefits.   She talked about charging a travel fee along with an hourly rate for corporates and emphasized that we should not be afraid to charge what our services are worth.

Hey classmates – can you share some of the gems from your small group discussions?



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  1. gjbleier permalink

    Another thing I will add to Carrie’s notes is that I asked the teachers to also contemplate what they are teaching and why, how, who/what do they want to be teaching. When I say, what, of course, it’s yoga, but what kind of yoga- level, vinyasa, specialty, workshops, retreats, etc. Each teacher is improving not only their teaching and offerings to students, but also increasing their own fulfillment: monetary and non-monetary.
    Everyone in the group is in a different place in their teaching path. My highest hope is that everyone takes away from these conversations, readings, meetings, etc something that really supports them on their path. Tools to find their own voice that comes from their heart which is inside themselves because that’s what yoga teaches us.
    Well, I guess that’s more than I wanted to add, but fun to have this space to share here. again, thank you, carrie. you are an inspiration in so many ways.

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