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Geri’s email, March 5, 2013 (Class syllabus and survey)

March 5, 2013

hello devis!

i am so looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

a few things:

if you have not completed the survey please do it tonight. if you have not received it yet let me know. its really interesting to see the results, which i will share as it will really refine our schedule and direction for the next few months.

Tutorial / trade/ offering idea
You are each talented women with a lot to offer. If you have a topic or trade that you want to let the group know of and perhaps present – various topics that come to mind are
Making playlists
Personal organizing
Budgeting/ savings plan etc
Social media
Reiki/any other healing modality
Teaching an asana or teaching related
Diet nutrition cooking juicing
A dharma talk
Prenatal yoga
kid yoga/ teen/tween
Fitness- workout training
Public relations consulting

You may have a topic that is not listed or not any topic as this is not in any way a mandatory thing and there are so many things to cover so I don’t even know of there would be time but it’s good to know what each others’ specialty/ expertise are.

i have received a few ideas from some of you that i want to share with everyone-

creating a calander/document with all of our schedules so we can get to each other’s classes have a structure so we make certain we cover all the topics as its easy to get off track- so much to discuss be really aware if you are taking up too much of the conversation and not allowing others to speak.
perhaps breaking into smaller groups will really help this natural/common occurrence.

i do not want these emails to be so long, but there is a lot of information i want to get out to you all.
i hope the snow is enjoyable to you today rather than a stress/hassle. it’s so pretty right now.

xo geri


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